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Tyga - Don't Wake Me Up

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Date: 12 Apr 2011

Duration: 05:11

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[Verse 1]
Ambien's in my travel bag
Fiji water, first class, destination France
Fascinated by my watch
Hypnotic trance
We on the coast jetskiing with exotic fish
I like a fresh sea bass on my plate
Cruise ship dinner cause the dollar's levitate
Yours like a centipede slower than a turtle face
Pop, shake, lap dance
Move your body like a snake
It's all Gucci when dollars is flowin'
Pourin' Moët in bitch's hair
Livin' in the moment
Tell your mother you're good
I'm a rap star
To pay the hood
Took the top off Bat Cave, Bat Car
Batman mask off, Bruce Wayne in the flesh, Mr. Alfred
House guests Sinbad with the genie luck
Always winnin' when you don't give a fuck, so

Don't wake a nigga up
Don't wake a nigga up motherfucker I'm
Don't wake a nigga up
Don't wake a nigga up motherfucker I'm

[Verse 2]
Eatin' taters wakin' up in Vegas
Some girl look like Katy Perry said we had her naked
The hangover can't remember shit we barely made it
Housekeeping said there's panties hangin' from the ceiling
Tyga strike bed and Penthouse guest level
We all got suites, niggas all thorough
Turn the jazz on, said she thirty-two but she like them young
Real MILF, she blow me like Bubble-Yum
Don't spit 'til a nigga done
Ten minutes recoup beat it like a drum
We all getting laid tonight
It's a Laker night, win it in overtime
Primetime on your satellite
YMCMB that's Tyga tight
Last king covered in gold
You see me dazing so nigga don't


[Alarm clock ring]

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